Difference between git branch –set-upstream-to vs git remote add origin

I find it little confusing to know the difference between git branch –set-upstream-to vs git remote add origin.
Basically I have a bare repository created with git init –bare which is shared on network so that other developers could also push to it so that we have our projects versioned locally but not sure which command [...]

Inserting each .post data into a <td> using .each

I was wondering if this is possible to be done with jquery. Please see following code.
<table id=”order”>
<td class=”order_items”></td>
<td class=”order_items”></td>
<td class=”order_items”></td>

Importing .csv file into mysql in php

I have a .csv file with me but i am unable to import it into the database. I have parsed my .csv file using the below query. Can you please help me how to insert data into MySql.
My code is:-
$fp = fopen(‘test.csv’,’r’) or die(“can’t open file”);
print “\n”;
while($csv_line [...]

Java Script Validation-database

I have a Java Script code(below) which validates the mobile number.and working fine.But the problem I am facing is both the valid and invalid mobile number is being inserted into database.I want only the valid mobile Number to be inserted to database..
The Code is as follows.Can any one suggest any ideas or any suggestions to [...]

How to "Group By" with multiple "ORDER BY"

I am trying to show the last “date” of a picture that was added,
related to a specific person.
If I enter an additional element under
ORDER BY: ,timestamp DESC There is no change to the result. With
every group I get the date of the first picture.
Some people have one image, others have twent five or more.
There [...]

How to send an email attachment using PHP [closed]

Possible Duplicate:
Send email with attachments in PHP?

How can I send an email attachment using PHP without installing any thing and just using the mail() function?

php based full text search of MySQL data?

If this is true:

4000% Performance Increase By Sorting In PHP Rather Than MySQL

How can one full text search with PHP only? In other words, how can the search actually be processed in PHP while the data stays in MySQL?
Many thanks in advance!

How to delete all files except one from a directory using PHP?

I have a few directories with some files in them:

I want to delete all except for /test1/124.jpg or /test2/124.jpg?
I know the directory name and the file name. Is there a way of doing that in a Linux environment with php and maybe unlink?

select query with date condition

I had a issue with select query with date condition . Query Not give proper result I don’t know Why ? Please Help Me Out Thanks In Advance.Created_Date field in database had value between 2013-01-01 to
SELECT * FROM (`cms_product`) WHERE `cms_product`.`Created_Date` >= 2013-01-01 and`cms_product`.`Created_Date` <= 2013-01-31 ;

Created_Date field is [...]

RoR’s session_write_close, http manipulation, and page persistence?

I love RoR’s ability to manipulate database data, and since I just read this
that makes me want to convert even more since I now have to rewrite my server-side anyways.
However, my site needs to be faster (almost as fast as I think I can get it when I finally get spdy), and that session serialization [...]

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