Cross Domain Ajax Call

Method : JSONP

Description :  Are you looking for the code that will call file of other server than you are at right place just follow below instruction step by step it will work for you .

Steps :

1] Create one javascript function name it as “AjaxCallForOtherDomain”.

function AjaxCallForOtherDomain()


               var ajax_file_url =;

               var params = “&id=5”;

               $.getJSON(ajax_file_url+params+"&jsoncallback=?",    function(data){




** ajax_file_url is the web file url that we suppose to call.

** params is the variable that we are going to pass in php files.

** jsoncallback is the variable that will be dynamically assigned by “getJSON” function so you will get parameter “jsoncallback” parameter that will be function while you respond in PHP file.

** placeholder is the id where i will append my result from that is response from server file.

** data is JSON array.

** data.resultdata : Here result data is node of data array. E.g. : $data[‘resultdata’];

2] Create one PHP file on other domain inside ajax folder. 

Suppose you have created the file on


$ jsoncallback = $_REQUEST[‘jsoncallback’];

echo  $ jsoncallback.”( {" resultdata’": "sudhirstiwari"} )”;


3] Handle the call in your javascript function inside the response.

$.getJSON(ajax_file_url+params+"&jsoncallback=?",    function(data){

// example of what is received from the server...



That’s it :)
Its very easy so let me know if you have any queries regarding this .
Have a good luck…

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