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Sort products by Facebook Likes in Magento

In each online shopping store, user interface is quite crucial. If you can build an easy to use shopping cart with minimal efforts for user to know what he wants and how he can do it, you are in very good shape to attract more and more customers. To achieve this most of the stores provide category wise browse of products and sorting by different criteria like Sort by Price, Sort by Manufacturer, Sort by Newest/Oldest first, etc. This does make sense as it lessens the total efforts of the users to find what they are looking for.

These days, many of the stores provide Facebook like button on their stores so that users can like their products and it will promote the product on social media. It’s very useful as you are getting promotion of the products from your users directly. As there was a demand from one client to give an option of Sort products by their Facebook likes, I decided to create an extension for that.

I have created a script which fetches the total likes of the products and stores in the database and admin can select option in admin panel to give product ability of sorting by Facebook likes. The telly of Facebook likes can be updated on regular interval, either daily or hourly and based upon that sorting will work on front-side. It can give option of Most liked this month, Most liked this week, Most liked in last 2 days, Most liked today, etc.

If you want to get it for your magento store then you can contact me on or use contact us page of this website.

Sort products by Facebook Likes in Magento

Sort products by Facebook Likes in Magento
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