Ajax functions with variables

I’ve got a table and fields with “onclick” option:

<td class="name" onclick="ajax_update_entries('<?php echo $field['Player']['name']; ?>')">

It calls function:

function ajax_update_entries(player_name)
  $.post('http://mysite.com/entries/get_entries/' + player_name, function(data)
  setTimeout('ajax_update_entries(player_name)', 30000);

What it does very good is going to requested page after click on the table field. What it does very wrong, it doesn’t recognize “player_name” parameter in setTimeout which should refresh it. In the Opera console it returns:

Uncaught exception: ReferenceError: Undefined variable: player_name

and IE says there’s no definition of ‘player_name’.

But on the other hand, if I go with:

setTimeout('ajax_update_entries("Michael Jordan")', 30000);

it works and will refresh the page with parameter: Michael Jordan.

So my question is: what’s wrong with this script? I mean, why is the variable player_name suddenly forgotten? How to fix it?

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