Caputre Info and Extract it to text file

We have an existing Software that we don’t have any source code of.

This software is somehow a Meeting Room Reservation System for a meeting Room with Time In and Time Out with Day Specified.

I was tasked to create a website for the reservation system but I dont have the means to read its database. It was built for a local PC that use ( .accdb, .db ) as its file system.

I cannot read the accdb because it is password protected.

I have three questions here.

First) Can I somehow capture the Text in the screen of the reservation system with any programming language.

Second) If not possible on the first, can I somehow crack the password of that accdb file so I can connect to it and get the information I need. or Crack Hex something of the Executable

Third) The System has moving numbers. For Ex: VisayasRoom: TimeIn: 2:35 Duration: 1minute 45seconds

can I somehow snipp that part with some software?

I cannot recreate our System as of the moment, as much as I want to. I hope my post does’t get closed. I dont know where I could ask. I tried googling first and resulted here.

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