How can I adapt my regex to allow for escaped quotes?


First my general issue is that I want to string replace question marks in a string, but only when they are not quoted. So I found a similar answer on SO (link) and began testing out the code. Unfortunately, of course, the code does not take into account escaped quotes.

For example: $string = 'hello="is it me your are looking for\\"?" AND test=?';

I have adapted a regular expression and code from that answer to the question: How to replace words outside double and single quotes, which is reproduced here for ease of reading my question:

function str_replace_outside_quotes($replace,$with,$string){
    $result = "";
    $outside = preg_split('/("[^"]*"|\'[^\']*\')/',$string,-1,PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);
    while ($outside)
        $result .= str_replace($replace,$with,array_shift($outside)).array_shift($outside);
    return $result;

Actual issue

So I have attempted to adjust the pattern to allow for it to match anything that is not a quote " and quotes that are escaped \":

$pattern = '/("(\\"|[^"])*"' . '|' . "'[^']*')/";

// when parsed/echoed by PHP the pattern evaluates to
// /("(\"|[^"])*"|'[^']*')/

But this does not work as I had hoped.

My test string is: hello="is it me your are looking for\"?" AND test=?

And I am getting the following matches:

  0 => string 'hello=' (length=6)
  1 => string '"is it me your are looking for\"?"' (length=34)
  2 => string '?' (length=1)
  3 => string ' AND test=?' (length=11)

Match index two should not be there. That question mark should be considered part of match index 1 only and not repeated separately.

Once resolved this same fix should also correct the other side of the main alternation for single quotes/apostrophes as well '.

After this is parsed by the complete function it should output:

echo str_replace_outside_quotes('?', '%s', 'hello="is it me your are looking for\\"?" AND test=?');
// hello="is it me your are looking for\"?" AND test=%s

I hope that this makes sense and I have provided enough information to answer the question. If not I will happily provide whatever you need.

Debug code

My current (complete) code sample is on codepad for forking as well:

function str_replace_outside_quotes($replace, $with, $string){
    $result = '';
    $pattern = '/("(\\"|[^"])*"' . '|' . "'[^']*')/";
    $outside = preg_split($pattern, $string, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);
    while ($outside) {
        $result .= str_replace($replace, $with, array_shift($outside)) . array_shift($outside);
    return $result;
echo str_replace_outside_quotes('?', '%s', 'hello="is it me your are looking for\\"?" AND test=?');

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