"include" is not working as expected

I’m currently facing a problem regarding the include tag.
I have two php files (header.php and footer.php) which are included into a single file (index.php).

The problem is, that the content of these two files seems to be included correctly into the index.php file, but when I visit the page in Chrome, the complete Layout is broken (There are random margins and stuff like that).
As soon as I remove the include and paste the content of header.php and footer.php manually in the index.php file everything is working as expected. This Error is only occurring in Chrome, the page is displayed correctly in Firefox.

I hope you can help me since I’m stuck with this problem the whole day. (It is not an option to include the content of header.php and footer.php manually, because these two files are required in other files as well, and I don’t want to change every single file when I need to change something in my header)

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