Multithreading in PHP

I am trying to create a multi threaded PHP application right now. I have read lots of paper that explains how to create multi threading. All of those examples are built on diving the processes on different worker PHP files. Actualy that is also what I am trying to do but there is a problem :)

There are too many jobs even to divide
in 30 seconds (which is the execution time limit)

We are using multi server environment on local network to complete the processes as the processes do not linked to each other or shares the same memory. We just need to fire them up and let them work at an exact time. Each of the processes works for 0.5 secs but it has a possibility to work for 30 secs.

Most of the examples fires up the PHP’s and waits for the results. But unfortunately in my situation I dont need to expect a result from the thread. I just need it to execute the command and write the result to its own database.

How can I achieve to fire up the phps and wait for them to work for 10000 processes ?

I know that PHP neither have multi threading feature nor is built for. But we have to create a way to use it for instance we can send request to http://server1/dothis.php?jobid=5 but standart methods makes us wait for the result. If we can manage to send request to this server without waiting for result it would solve our problem I think or we will need completely different approach such as a process divider with c++ or qt.

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