PHP merging two arrays, improving the code

I have the following tested code that after a couple of tries does the job to filter unique results out of two merged arrays. I previously tried using array_diff, array_diff_key, array_diff_assoc to no avail until I settled with the following.

  • The second needs to first exclude empty values (like 0) using array_filter, otherwise empty values (“red” => “0″) are also printed in the merged result which is not expected.
  • array_unique removes duplicates from the merge.

So the following is working as expected, but I wonder if there is any betterment to the code which looks a bit like winding around. I meant I am not confident if the code is properly done:

$array1 = array("a" => "green", "b" => "purple", "blue" => "0");
$array2 = array("a" => "0", "b" => "purple", "blue" => "blue", "red" => "0");

$merge  = array_unique(array_merge($array1, array_values(array_filter($array2))));

Any betterment is much appreciated. Thanks

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