Reload <body> with jQuery and PHP

I have an index.php that updates every second user sessions:

[Index.php (before )]

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function($) {
    var refresh = setInterval(function() {
        $.post('myfolder/', {
            id: <?php echo $_SESSION['id']; ?>
        }, function(data){
    }, 1000);


(sql query... // $row is the result)
$_SESSION['name'] = $row->name;
$_SESSION['mail'] = $row->mail;
$_SESSION['status'] = $row->stat;
$_SESSION['cf'] = $row->cf;

All functions of the site using any session are usually charged if there is any change in the database (MySQL). What I would like is to update the body of index.php () without reloading the page.

That is, if I open the index.php file and have nothing between the and editing the file I put any text after this a second, carrying the text without having to press F5 or take a location.reload ().

Is it possible? Thank you. :)

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