Big Foreach Loop with Google Maps API

i have a bigger issue with a foreach() Loop and the Google Maps API class.

Currently i have 1500 datasets in my MySQL Table, i sort them out by “latitude IS NULL”.
Then i want to foreach() them and call the Google Maps API (KM6_Geo) each time and Save the new geocodes to the MySQL Database.

After about 250/300 Calls / Updates my Server replies with an “timeout”.

Now this is my current script:

    foreach(KM6_Addresses::getGeoCodes() as $item):

        $geocode = KM6_Geo::generate($item['street'].' '.$item['zipcode'].' '.$item['city']);
        $data = array(
            'lat'       => $geocode['lat'],
            'lng'       => $geocode['lon']


        $where = array('company_id' => $item['company_id']);        

Now my Question:
How can i foreach() with packages or something like that. So i do not try to update 1500 data sets.

Maybe someone can help me out.

Thanks! ;)

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