Targeting before and after a jump break

I’m creating my own site using php and mysql. In that site I’m creating a blog. Basically I’ve inserted a link tag to “continue reading”. What I’d like to do is select everything before the link tag for a preview on the main blog page. Trouble I’m having is, how do I select what comes after that and hide it?

Additionally, when a user clicks the “continue reading” link I have it showing the full blog on it’s own page. What I’d like to do is get rid of this link without getting rid of all link tags in case the end user would like to use links.

I’m new to both php and sql and haven’t been able to come up with a solution. That being said I haven’t really tried anything either. I’ve been doing nothing but reading and all I can come up with is blogger posts related to jump breaks which obviously don’t help because there’s no underlying examples to follow.

Is there a way to target the beginning of a field up to the “continue reading” point without specifically specifying a string since it’s dynamic? Also, is there a way to specifically target that link tag and get rid of it on the full display page? I’m not just looking for code, although whatever help is welcomed. If there is a resource, specific function, or query that I could use, I can do the homework too. I’ve looked on and dev.mysql endlessly although the answer I’m sure is right under my nose.

Thank you

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