Use parent site’s header for WordPress blog

I’ve just finished a client’s site:

The site uses three separate databases — one for the main site, and one each for two separate WordPress installations. Using the site’s main nav to map things out: “IB Industry Overview, IB Industry Resources and IB Salary Overview” all use one WordPress installation. “Visit the WSP Blog” uses another WordPress installation. The rest of the site is a non-Wordpress database — let’s call this the “parent site.”

My question: Is it possible (simple?) to use the parent site’s header and footer php files for the WordPress installations. By this, I mean using the same php files rather than duplicates. In the current site, I had to duplicate the parent site’s header and footer on the other two databases so the nav appears to be global to the user. This is obviously very inefficient since if I have to change something in the header or footer, I have to do it in 3 different places. Thanks in advance.

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