Use PHP to hold HTML while keeping animation

Good Evening,
I have a website and so far I am copying the navigation code across every page. Annoying right :)

However I’d like to use PHP or something to hold the HTML so I only have to edit one file. However because of the way the navigation bar operates there’s a class called which keeps the clicked link highlighted to show the user which page they are on.

Here’s the code:

                    <ul class="menu">
                        <li class="active"><a href="index.html"><strong><strong>Home</strong></strong></a></li>
                        <li><a href="services.html"><strong><strong>services</strong></strong></a>
                                <li><a herf="services.html">Repairs</a>
                                        <li><a href="phonerep.html">Phone Repairs</a>
                                      <li><a href="podrep.html">Ipod Repairs</a>
                                    <li><a href="padrep.html">Ipad Repairs</a>
                                  <li><a href="comprep.html">Computer & Laptop Repairs</a>
                                <li><a href="compmain.html">Maintenance & Upgrades</a>
                                        <li><a href="compmain.html">Computers & Laptops</a>
                              <li><a href="tuition.html">Tutoring</a></li>
                              <li><a href="spechelp.html">Specialist Help</a></li>
                        <li><a href="iphone.html"><strong><strong>Prices</strong></strong></a>
                                <li><a href="iphone.html">Iphone</a>
                                 <li><a href="ipod.html">Ipod</a>
                                  <li><a href="ipad.html">Ipad</a>
                                    <li><a href="complap.html">Computer and Laptop</a>
                        <li><a href="about.html"><strong><strong>about</strong></strong></a></li>
                        <li><a href="contactus.html"><strong><strong>Contact</strong></strong></a></li>

Thank you for your time.

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