How to "Group By" with multiple "ORDER BY"

I am trying to show the last “date” of a picture that was added,
related to a specific person.

If I enter an additional element under
ORDER BY: ,timestamp DESC There is no change to the result. With
every group I get the date of the first picture.

Some people have one image, others have twent five or more.
There are about 1500 people in the database.

All other data/image is returned correctly.

I cannot find any reference on the internet to my problem,
more a generalisation.


The output is:-

Person's - Person -  Nos Of - Last Picture 
Picture     Name    Pictures     "Date"
--------   ------   --------  ------------

image       Tony       5      26th June 2012

image       Beth       1      6th January 2011

image       John       2      5th May 2012

The msql_query is:-


   function person($person_id) {

      $persons = array();

      $persons_query = mysql_query("
         SELECT `persons`.`person_id`, `persons`.`person_name`, 
         LEFT(`persons`.`person_description`, 50) as `person_description`, 
         `person_images`.`timestamp`, `person_images`.`image_person_id`, 
         `person_images`.`person_name`, `person_images`.`ext`, 
          COUNT(`person_images`.`image_person_id`) as `image_count`
          FROM `persons`
          LEFT JOIN `person_images`
          ON `persons`.`person_id` = `person_images`.`person_id`
         LEFT JOIN `person_images`
         ON `persons`.`person_id` = `person_images`.`person_id`
         WHERE `persons`.`member_id` = ".$_SESSION['member_id]
         GROUP BY `persons`.`person_id`
         ORDER BY `persons`.`person_name`, 

     While ($persons_row = mysql_fetch_assoc($persons_query)) {

        $persons[] = array(
            'person_id'              => $persons_row['person_id'],
           'person_name'            => $persons_row['person_name'],
           'person_description'     => $persons_row['person_description'],
           'timestamp'               => $persons_row['timestamp'],
           'image_person_id'         => $persons_row['image_person_id'],
           'ext'                     => $persons_row['ext'],
           'count'                   => $persons_row['image_count']
     return $persons;

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