RoR’s session_write_close, http manipulation, and page persistence?

I love RoR’s ability to manipulate database data, and since I just read this

that makes me want to convert even more since I now have to rewrite my server-side anyways.

However, my site needs to be faster (almost as fast as I think I can get it when I finally get spdy), and that session serialization stuff really holds me back. Can ruby release the session like PHP so that subsequent AJAX calls can start? Can it turn it back on like PHP so that the AJAX page doesn’t have to permenantly isolate itself from the session at a single point?

Also, can it fully manipulate HTTP like PHP (unlike .net). I can’t stand that I have to learn some new ms system every time I want a different kind of page. With PHP, it’s always the same no matter what page type. With .net, I have to learn about some new “feature” that ends up limiting me (like no session_write_close) equivalent.

Here’s something I’ve found doesn’t happen in either php or .net: page persistence. Can ruby continue running yet sever the http connections?

Many thanks in advance!

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