How to setup multi-store in Opencart

This intruction is based on my experience. You may find a different way. The steps are as follows:

In CPanel

Go to your CPanel,
Open Domain > SubDomain,
Fill in the subdomain input filed, such as: mobile (my second store will be,
Look at Directory Root input field, CPanel will fill it automatically. Don’t use it,.. Replace with your main store’s OpenCart installation folder. In my case /public_html/shop. Click Create.
In OpenCart Administration

Go to System > Settings,
Click Create A New Store button,
Fill in all required fields including the logo, favicon, etc.
In Store URL, fill it with,
Click Save
Don’t forget to edit Category, Product, Manufacture, and Information Pages that you want to be displayed in your second store.

Important Notice : In your configuration file there is “/” added in selecting store query. so you must have to remove that for above to work.

Sudhir Tiwari

I'm technical executive with a 6 years track record of delivering complex, high value projects through development, programming , and product management. I'm solution expert in Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, X-cart, Cakephp, CodeIgniter , NetSuite.

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3 Responses

  1. VPR Nair says:

    Dear sir,
    I am very new to shopping cart.I am planning for an online shop for physical delivery of goods locally.I have installed opencartv1.5.0.1,but I am unable to replace the logo with my own as the image upload is not loading the image.Another reason in I am not able to find catalog/template/default/image/logo.png.kindly help

  2. robin says:

    hi can i have multi admin in opencart to manage different store with different admin

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