How to install supee-8167


Why SUPEE-8167 is important ?

As per announcement of PayPal, if you are using PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) service, you will need to ensure that HTTPS is used when posting the message back to PayPal for verification. After June of 2017 HTTP postbacks will no longer be supported.

You can check more information here:

What does SUPEE-8167 do?

SUPEE-8167 is the new patch used for PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) changes. You need to either upgrade your Magento version to or install SUPEE-8167 before 30, June 2017 to avoid service disruptions.

After 30 June, 2017, PayPal IPN will no longer allow you to use HTTP protocol to post messages back to PayPal for payment verification. Till date most of the plugin/extensions were using either HTTP or HTTPS technique for getting payment verification response. From now onward it will become more secure as PayPal won’t allow to get response back by HTTP protocol. So all merchants using PayPal IPN must upgrade to Magento community edition or apply SUPEE-8167 patch.

How to apply SUPEE-8187?

Note : It is recommended to take backup before you start applying the patches.

Here are the steps to download.

  • Check your Magento version.
  • Download the SUPEE-8187 from Magento site according to your Magento version. You will get .sh file.
  • Login to SSH.
  • Upload the .sh patch file to root directory of Magento installation.
  • Execute following command.
  • sh
    Note : You can revert your patches using following command.
    sh -R

For more technical help please check here :

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