Upgrading Magento to version 2.0

Magento 2 is still under development phase , Going through its code architecture there are lots of things simplified and the front-end is updated with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Once the magneto 2.0 is released most of web store owner will defiantly looking for upgraded version of magento.

Before you plan to upgrade into new version of magento i am sure you will have at-least one question in mind.

Why should i upgrade ?

Here are the key points which Magento Imagine 2014 Conference has updated.

  • Update the technology stack.
  • Streamline the customization process.
  • Facilitate frontend development
  • Reduce upgrade efforts and costs
  • Improve performance and scalability
  • Deliver better quality, testing resources, and documentation
  • Increase engagement with the Magento community

As a developer i have started learning about magento 2.0 code structure , development and functionality.

Well, i have started upgrading my self with magento 2.0 when you are planning to do ?

I will keep posted about new things in magento 2.0 .

Sudhir Tiwari

I'm technical executive with a 6 years track record of delivering complex, high value projects through development, programming , and product management. I'm solution expert in Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, X-cart, Cakephp, CodeIgniter , NetSuite.

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