Curl Function in GoDaddy Hosting

I use GoDaddy Hosting for this site. A few days ago I tried to use the curl library. Curl was there – but all my calls timed out. I tried different approaches – but all failed. After some google searches I found out why – GoDaddy is using a proxy server.
So if you are using [...]

Using PHP Short Tags

PHP Short Tags refers to ‘

Convert PHP arrays to JSON

While we are working with json arrays or calling ajax files that return json in their response sometime we stuck for making json array.
This is because the json array is quite difficult to maintain. You must have to take care of each every special character that is really very difficult if you are thinking to do it manually like “CDATA” for xml.
The best solution that i got from “” is to just make array of PHP and convert it into JSON by using user defined PHP function.

Cross Domain Ajax Call

Cross Domain Ajax Call , Calling file of other server by Javascript , Ajax Call to another Server.
Steps :
1] Create one javascript function name it as “AjaxCallForOtherDomain”

How to Install BuddyPress ?

This is very common question while people are thinking to make their site as networking site. Its very easy but if you are developer and trying to install buddy press on your localhost then make sure of enabling “rewrite_module” “htaccess” otherwise it won’t work at your localhost.

Integrate live video streaming in his client’s website

Hi CMS Guru,
Nice to see you at Help Desk…
I want to integrate live video streaming in my website …
Can you Please suggests me steps to follow?

How to setup multi-store in Opencart

Go to your CPanel,
Open Domain > SubDomain,
Fill in the subdomain input filed, such as: mobile (my second store will be,
Look at Directory Root input field, CPanel will fill it automatically. Don’t use it,.. Replace with your main store’s OpenCart installation folder. In my case /public_html/shop. Click Create.

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