Is there a way to specify a start point for a SELECT database query?

I understand how LIMIT works, but I want to know if there is a way to set the starting point for a database query before LIMIT. Is this possible? And am I making sense with this?

echo dates of month in php within table columns?

ok i’m sorry this code is all such a mess, but i have created a table with html text area forms which acts as a type of calendar for users to mark when they will be doing what on which day. i have monday – sunday shown in my code below but have 4 weeks [...]

Sign in functionality not working in particular pages of site

In my site, the sign in functionality works fine when we login from index page. But it is not logged in when we login from other pages except index page in my site.
When login from this page, The functionality works fine and after login it shows the page as shown below

If we login from other [...]

Website asking for authentication

My website asking for authentication when I go to the website url. It says that
“A username and password are being requested by The site says: “c100 Undetectable #18a: Restricted area”

When I click on cancel buton then it will disappear. It will ask every time when I refresh the page or click on [...]

Degradeable jquery ajax forms with PHP – Code Repetition

Assuming I have a form which I wish to submit. I have built it and the form action=”". As such, I can access the posted data via if(isset($_POST['something']))
$result = ”;

if (isset($_POST['something']) {

World currencies lookup table – with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes?

Where to get a database of world currencies?
It should contain the country along with the currency used in that currency.
i.e “CountryCode, CurrencyCode”

PHP Ticks and Declare construct

function myfunc()
print “I will pass!”;

I wrote the following code in order to understand the subject of “ticks” used with the “declare” statement in php and have no idea why the out put is:
“I will pass!I will pass!I will pass!”
I have seen the manual section of the declare [...]

Session ID isn’t registering as being set unless the page is refreshed after user signs in

I have a number of front-end functions which are triggered based on whether or not a user is signed in (i.e. the menu items displayed), but I’m having trouble triggering them when a user signs in unless they are redirected or the page is refreshed.
How can I change the value of $logged_in to be set [...]

How to disable previous days in default DHTML calendar?

How to disable previous days in default DHTML calendar?
I used the following code,
<script type=”text/javascript”>
inputField : ‘_dob’,
ifFormat : ‘%m/%e/%y’,
button : ‘_dob_trig’,
align : [...]

How to return multiple rows from a table in in php using mysql

I’ve decided to build a website for fantasy football for my family but am getting stuck with returning multiple rows from the database.
What I want: to make a single sql call and get the entire list of players so I can populate an object or list of objects. (if the whole table could be returned [...]

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