Consuming a Datasnap Server with PHP passing JSONObject as parameter

I have a Datasnap Server and a have a method named :
function TServerMethodsMain.AddCity( ACity : TJSONObject ) : Boolean ;

I did small php code below to invoke this method.

class city
public $id;
public $description;
public $uf;

$objcity = new city [...]

Sending signals to process via php

I am trying to send a kill -10 (SIGUSER1) to a process ID by using a button in a webpage, I have tried different ways to send the signal while passing the PHP variable (which holds the PID) to shell. Below is what I have:
$next = posix_kill($pid3, 10);

Right now, this is giving me the below [...]

PHP self encoding algorithm

I’ve been using base64 encoding for a while & it isn’t secure because some decoders can easily identify it.
So is it a good idea to develop my own mechanism to protect data or make my encryption algorithm, if yes then how does self made encryption code look like?

Drupal not loading PHP on WAMP

I am working on a local dev environment for a Drupal site we are building. I am having trouble at one last step, and that is getting PHP in Drupal to execute properly. As you see below, when I view source on the localhost page being executed in PHP the HTML markup contains PHP code [...]

Passing a value into a mysql update form / modal window (Twitter Bootstrap)

I am building a site where users can create and edit database entries. Currently users can click on an edit link that passes a $_GET value on to the next page. A mysql query grabs the $_GET value and displays a edit form with the appropriate entry data filled in.
How can I produce this result [...]

How do I update phpunit?

I have already tried everything, including and all possible channel upgrade and clear cache commands. But still:
$ sudo pear install -a -f phpunit/PHPUnit
downloading PHPUnit-3.6.12.tgz …
Starting to download PHPUnit-3.6.12.tgz (120,240 bytes)
……………………..done: 120,240 bytes
install ok: channel://

$ pear list-upgrades
Channel No upgrades available Available Upgrades (stable):
Channel Package [...]

eBay API to download user listing

I am new to the eBay API and currently developing in PHP, I have managed to use GetItem to import details of an order based on the Item ID to my website’s database. But What I want to do now is to link a users account to my website and import their listings to my [...]

WordPress current_page_item with post titles and changing colors

I will have 4 posts on my website, and the following loop will list them across all the pages of a website as a vertical menu (only post titles will be shown in this menu). After one of these will be clicked, it will load up the post as a new web page. What I’d [...]

carousel slider cell phone swipe effect

Basically this below link has a carousel slider for the android cellphone. I’m trying to create the same effect with my website.

I’m trying to create a website like this but with the user being able to swipe the screens to go to the next screen, instead of auto or buttons…
What type of free downloadable [...]

PHP search for website with specific words

I’m trying to monitor a new products page of a website with specific words. I already have a basic script that searches for a single word using file_get_contents(); however this is not effective.
Looking at the code they are in <td> tags within a <table>
How do I get PHP to search for the words no matter [...]

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