error in the selecting action

Each application has instance. When I try propirat way to url mananager
‘application/<slug:[\w+]+>/instance/create/’ => ‘instance/create’,
‘application/<slug:[\w+]+>/instance/<uuid:[\w0-9]+>/update/’ => ‘instance/update’,

To open a link, set the path in the form of
array(‘label’=>’Create Instance’, ‘url’=>Yii::app()->createUrl(‘instance/create’, array(‘slug’ => $model->application->slug, ‘uuid’ => $model->uuid))),
array(‘label’=>’Update Instance’, ‘url’=>Yii::app()->createUrl(‘instance/update’, array(‘slug’ => $model->application->slug, ‘uuid’ => $model->uuid))),

I get an error
include(optional_note.php): failed to open stream: [...]

php running separately avoiding time out for user

I would like to find a way to have my user not having to wait for the output of a php script and being redirected to a page while the script is running on the server.
Basically the user submits a form which takes quite long to process and I would like to redirect the user [...]

Is there a way to know which page user is view in my website?

I would like to know a way that I can keep track of user come in and out of my webpage,
for example:
user come in to my website’s “some_page”, or exit my website’s “some_page”, or exit my website.
Perhaps i can set a variable in php to keep track of this?
(Know exactly which page my user [...]

Developing iOS xcode that connects to codeigniter data

I have an existing web app that I have written in CodeIgniter using a MySQL database.
I now want to learn how to develop an iPhone app for the web app.
I have had a look at a lot of tutorials about xcode and iphone development but I have yet to see one about connecting and displaying [...]

how to iterate arraylist in php

What my code does:
I am returning arraylist from a php method –>method name:- getSubjectInfo().
And in my (Index.php) page i am getting this arraylist values in a $results variable. Here i am stuck how to iterate the [...]

what ‘s the difference between empty($val) and !$val?

such as :
return empty(!$val);

return !$val();
of just make a boolean condition such as:
if (!empty($val)) {}

if ($val) {}

Count for next non-weekend (Sat, Sun) day given a startdate and a number of days

So, I have this function:
function calculateNextDate($startDate, $days)
$dateTime = new DateTime($startDate);

while($days) {
$dateTime->add(new DateInterval(‘P1D’));

if ($dateTime->format(‘N’) < 6) [...]

How to use CSS for a PHP echo of results?

I am creating a search form for a packaging database and I have used CSS to style the HTML form that calls to the PHP page. I want to be able to style all the results from the PHP page using the same kind of CSS that styles the search form, as the PHP continues [...]

Mediawiki Extension

My problem is following.
I search away to write an extension that can following.
I have a tag {{#function:value}}. If this tag is on a page it writes the value in the database. And if it is erased of the page the value must be removed from the database.
Hope you can help me.

Batch Processing of Newsletter thru plesk (PHPList)

I need to send newsletters say to 20,000 email IDs, but in batches and I am very new to this mail sending process so I got stuck at the beginning only.
I have my mail server is a shared server, so I have the limit say 100 emails per hour, but I need to send this [...]

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