PHP Calculating GPA and user-defined functions
My form supposed to calculate the GPA of the courses (link above). I still need to calculate total points, GPA, Quality total. I think I can figure it out myself, but I need to find out how to $_REQUEST['course1'], course2, course3, units1, units2, etc… (see below)
So far, I have
$course = $_REQUEST['course0'];
$units = $_REQUEST['units0'];
$letterGrade = $_REQUEST['letterGrade0'];
$letterGrade [...]

Extracting server time with PHP and storing in MySQL – Unix time stamp OK?

I’m trying to decide how to deal with time in a project which relies on (server) time intervals (in short, some content is available after user completed a specific action at least n hours before). Right now, it seems like the easiest option would be to extract the Unix time stamp with time() and [...]

Apache mod_rewrite REST URL

Please help me with this one, which should be easy but I’ve never managed to properly learn Apache mod_rewrite’s syntax…
I have a REST webservice implemented in PHP and I need to rewrite the following URL:


Moreover, which directives can I use if I had to rewrite this URL (which targets the same query of [...]

Slim framework seems not calling function

I am not a php expert. However I am in need of building a simple rest service, mainly with GET request to be used with a mobile application.
I have read something about Slim Framework, and tried to implement a simple example.
While I am not getting any error, it also seems that the function is [...]

calling a php script from a form action html

I get the following error message while submitting a html form action
Internal Server error

html code :
<form action=”insertProfile.php” method=”post” >
<table width=”300″ border=”0″ align=”center” cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”1″ bgcolor=”#CCCCCC”>
<table width=”100%” border=”0″ cellpadding=”3″ cellspacing=”1″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”>

SQL Query only retrieving one row

I have a a php website with some code on it to pull from a database after the user has defined some search terms and then show them a table with all their information in it
The problem is even when i do a select * from the tables, i am only getting the first row [...]

schedule a php page which calls a stored proc in mysql to run every x seconds

i have a stored procedure in mysql, accessed by a php page. this page is not visible to the visitor (as this page will not any of the links in the site). this php page will just reside in the server. i am wondering if i can have the php page automatically run/loaded/.. every say [...]

Convert a multidimensional array to comma separated string

If I have One array with some arrays in that, and then arrays in each of those (3 layers), How can I take all values and compile them into one long comma separated string?
my array looks like
[1] => Array

Array being chopped off over ajax post. Ajax posting limit?

I have a multidimensional array, which consists of 426 smaller arrays, which also comprise of 4 attributes.. Below is an example of one of 426 arrays…
array( //Main array
0 => array( //1 of 426 arrays

Codeigniter Image Library Cropping an Image with 2 sets of coordinates to make square anywhere?

Spending time reading through the docs, and searching for examples. I understand cropping an image from top 0, and left 0 is pretty straight forward. However. I would like to pass 2 sets of coordinates, a starting point and an ending point. Four Points, a Square that is defined anywhere. However from the examples I [...]

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