Is using parameterized in just the login script enough?

More of a risk assessment question than technical.
So i have been reading a lot about protecting against SQL Injection. Lets assume i have a large web application that is mostly unprotected and i need to make some improvements to protect against this problem. Read large as lots of SQL interaction using dynamic queries but [...]

PHP MySql comma separeted values

need some help..
i have a
table_name = company
columns = office_name — members — internals
office_name has a single value Finance – Drivers – Managers
in Finance row the members are (Alex, John, Anna….)
Lets’s say Anna has changed office and needs to be added to the members(Jim, George) in the Managers row, because she is goooood in everything.
I didn’t [...]

I am trying to fetch json data’s from .php file.php file i.e stored in server.I have writtened the following code.But I am unable to fetch data

I am new to this jquery and phonegap.I am finding little difficulty in parsing the data from .php file from a local server.Please help me in doing so.
This is my index.html page:
<h2>JSON Parser</h2>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jquery.js”/></script>
<script [...]

I want to know how can I pass the a multiple values from php to jquery see the situation below

Example I have this line of code in PHP, and I want to pass these values when button is click and receive it by the jquery. How should I do this? I have started this codes and I don’t know what is the next step on it.
PHP Code:

echo ‘<button>Get the values</button>’;
$name [...]

CSS Not Working With CodeIgniter

Here is a part of my CI code:
class page extends CI_Controller {

var $Page;

public function __construct() {

crypt and password storage questions

Related questions:
Am I using PHP’s crypt() function correctly?
Password storage hash with SHA-512 or crypt() with blowfish (bcrypt)
I’m trying to figure out how I should safely store a password using PHP. After a little reading I’ve identified that I should use crypt() instead of hash() and that I should use either the blowfish (bcrypt) or SHA-512 [...]

PHP echo -> string as 0?

how would I avoid that the following :

echo $_SESSION['myVar'];


and instead it displays/outputs the var content ? preg_match gives out mixed type, but this shouldnt be the problem…
Why, is the value of the string itself not addressable with echo (by comapring its contents, it is OK)?
Formerly I had

ant the output óf ereg_replace was correctly displayed [...]

How do I convert or query this Jquery data with PHP and MySQL like in a form – select – option example

I am trying to query this data like in a
<form name=”" action=”test” method=”post”
<select name=”people”>
<option value=”1″>1 Person</option>
<option value=”2″>2 People</option>
<option value=”3″>3 People</option>

MySQL table relations, inheritance or not?

Im building a micro CMS. Using Mysql as RDMS, and Doctrine ORM for mapping.
I would like to have two types of pages. Static Page, and Blog Page.
Static page would have page_url, and page_content stored in database.
Blog page would have page_url, but no page_content. Blog would have Posts, Categories…
Lets say I have route like this:

This is [...]

Need load testing tool where we configure the URLs

I require the tool for testing the load of server, I need load testing tool where I can configure the URL’s used for testing the load.

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