Empty $_POST variable webservice response

I am communicating with a web service server that after a payment is completed the server sends me a response as a $_POST variable. If I try to print_r($_POST) it appears to be empty, but when I write the variables to a text file the file shows me the values. My goal is to build [...]

How do I echo out a name -only if- specific rows in one table match specific rows in another based on an id?

Here’s my problem: I’m making a crafting system for a game, and I already have my database filled with information for resources required to craft items.
Here are what my relevant tables look like:

table #edible_resources
(edible_resource_id, edible_resource_name, hunger_points, degeneration_id)

table #edible_ground
(id, resource, amount, location)

table #req_crafting_edible
(req_crafting_edible_id, edible_resource_id, req_resource_amount, created_item_id)

table #items
(item_id, item_name, degeneration_id, is_grounded, is_stackable, can_equip, can_edit)

What I want to [...]

Building array keys using a span of numbers for like values

I am calculating discounts based on a quantity after 6. Is there a cleaner way to do this:
$leg_directory_discount = array(
6 => .50,
7 => .50,
8 => .50,
9 => [...]

Why should I urlencode URLs passed via GET

Suppose I do

are there any advantages (eg security etc) of doing
‘http://site.com/something?url=’ . urlencode(‘http://lol.com/lol’);

instead of just passing in an unencoded version of the url in? Why should I urlencode something passed via GET instead of just passing in an uncoded version (though of course if the url param has & or ? or = in [...]

Grabbing users email and sending invite requests to his friends, How does it work?

I have a since in which when users register, I need to ask them to invite their contacts from YahooMessenger. But sadly, I have no clue as to how to even begin. Any answers or links would be awesome.

How to config cakephp 2.2 database connection with appfog service

I’have some problem to config cakephp database connection with appfog service.
AppFog provides JSON database config by VCAP_SERVICES variable like this
“mysql-5.1″ = (

Writing a summarized validation javascript code

I have an HTML page on the admin site for managing user on a HTML/Javascript/PHP system that runs on browsers. I have close to 20 inputboxes because on one page i have combined several forms of new_user, forgot_password, Change_password and Edit_user_details.

This code is what i used to check the username’s empty field, this means i [...]

javascript to php variable

What is the easiest way to assign a PHP variable the value of a JavaScript variable? I only know how to do it the other way and get a value from PHP to JavaScript.

Generate header dynamically to display requested file

I have a folder with many files of different types. I need to display any requested file, so the header has to be adapted accordingly. What I tried is:
header( ‘Content-Type: ‘ . filetype( ‘files/’ . $file ) );

readfile( ‘files/’ . $file );

It works for JPG, PNG and GIF files, but for some reason MP3 files [...]

EC2 connect RDS using PHP

i know this has been asked but none of the threads had a solution that worked for me
I am connecting to RDS from XAMPP (local) with success
Also i am connecting fine with mySql workbench
Having problems connecting from EC2
getting error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
this is what my PHP looks like:
define(“HOST”, “mydatabase-starter.Pzw9yv81CmMJ.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com:3306″);
define(“DBUSER”, “mydatabaseUser”);
define(“PASS”, “**********”);
define(“DB”, [...]

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