PHP making a chart with Google charts

I am trying to create a Google line chart for the number of views my website gets per day. I am not quite sure how to do this.
here is the code that is makes everything work:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
google.load(“visualization”, “1″, {packages:["corechart"]});
function drawChart() {
var data = [...]

Calendar Using Jquery and Php

I want to show full calender on my page if some one can guide me how to to that using jquery and php in zend framework
Thanks in advance

PHP — need to explode a string with 2 different delimiters

I’ve got a string $newstring loaded with lines that look like:
<tt>Thu 01-Mar-2012</tt> &nbsp; 7th of Atrex, 3009 <br>

I want to explode $newstring using <tt> and <br> as the delimiters.
How can I use preg_split() or anything else to explode it?

Concrete5 Multiple file upload error:404 in firefox

Multiple file upload error:
404 in Firefox browser .
Check this link

Check whether a field has the property `UNIQUE` in mysql and PHP

How can I check whether a field from a table is set as UNIQUE?
For example I have a table named users with a field email set as UNIQUE and a field picture not set as UNIQUE, I want before selecting check whether the field is set set as UNIQUE if not then don’t do the [...]

PHP Simple Caching

I have a dynamic stylesheet generated from the following code.
Which is the best way to cache this to a file and load it if the file exists.
case ‘stylesheet’:
header(‘Content-type: text/css’);
header(“Cache-Control: must-revalidate”);
$offset = 72000 ;
$ExpStr = [...]

Error: A user access token is required to request this resource, while trying to post in user feed [Partial Solved]

Problem- 1
I want to post in user’s wall but I’m getting sometimes: A user access token is required to request this resource.
Here is what I made:
$access_token = $facebook->getAccessToken();

$params = array(
‘access_token’ => $access_token,

How to implement data enrichment using PHP and MySQL

I have some data in my MySQL database, also I am getting more data for this database. Sometimes the same data coming again so I want to check it with existing data if the new data is more informatics I want to update the existing data with new information, if the new data is same [...]

How can I use Basic HTTP Authentication in PHP?

I’m trying to use Basic HTTP Authentication and followed the example on the PHP manual page. But it doesn’t work for me. The variable $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] doesn’t seem to be set. When a user try to log in, the user is prompted whith a new login-dialog. The server is running PHP 5.3.3 and I have tried [...]

SOAP web service not returning any value

This is my code :


$server = new nusoap_server();
$server->configureWSDL(‘cm’, $NAMESPACE, ‘’);

‘contact_pid’ => array(‘name’=>’contact_pid’,'type’=>’xsd:int’),
‘contact_pfname’ => [...]

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