reloading a form processed by <?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>"

I’m using a simple form (from which processes on the page, and then throws up a success or failure message.
My question is two fold (and probably dumb):
1) after submission the page url changes from “/” to “/index.php” — which isn’t a problem, but if you try to reload you get the “this will [...]

Public variable use in all functions using php class

Suppose that I have the php code as below:
class modual {
public $glo;
static public function SaveData($RDesTechni = 1,$RCapacity = 2){
$sql = “INSERT INTO tblworkfaire VALUES(”,$RDesTechni,$RCapacity)”;

PHP / JS – Leader board for game

I’m creating a leader board (a small results table) for a Javascript game i’ve created which displays the top three 3 scores, the score will be a string e.g – ’100′.
How would i insert/retrieve the score data into and from my DB? the game sits in a wordpress site, are there wordpress php functions that [...]

Displaying Multiple Rows From This

I have my sql database setup as:
`name` varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL,
`roomOwner` varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL

And another table that just displays a users information such as who’s clan they’re in. The table is user and the clan is ‘clan’.
Basically I’m trying to display each [...]

Why is the data only displaying when it’s in a foreach loop but outside it’s a non-object?

I’m new to PHP and confused about this bit ..
When I have this it shows the data
<?php foreach ($profile as $profile):?>
<?php echo $profile->custom_url;?>
<?php endforeach?>

But when I do this I get ” [...]

Erratic error with PHP and Doctrine

I tried to find some information on Google regarding this weird fatal PHP error happening randomly when running one of my projects.
Class ‘Doctrine\ORM\ORMException’ not found in Doctrine/ORM/Persisters/BasicEntityPersister.php on line 1341
Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 47877190154432 bytes) in Unknown on line 0
These errors happen without any logic when displaying a page [...]

How give information about file with binary path /usr/bin/ffmpeg?

Long time i search the correct code, now i write here. Washes it be useful to someone.
1) get duration file
passthru(“ffmpeg-9260.exe -i \”". $videofile . “\” 2>&1″);
$duration = ob_get_contents();

preg_match(‘/Duration: (.*?),/’, $duration, $matches);
$duration = $matches[1];
$duration_array = split(‘:’, $duration);
$duration = $duration_array[0] * 3600 + $duration_array[1] * 60 + $duration_array[2];
$time = $duration * $percent / 100;
$time = intval($time/3600) . [...]

MYSQL and PHP re-Numbering elements

The code I have works except for that I am trying to renumber all the items on table “example2″ starting from 1. So for example I have 3 elements entered on the table and which contain (“url”,”number”). number is used to keep track of the elements, so if number 2 is removed i need the [...]

PHP page not hiding a DIV using visibility:none or display:none

A PHP page I am working on can be loaded in several states, in the default state I need one DIV layer to be visible and another one to not be visible – and vice versa.
The script has javascript backup to do the same things, BUT I need the css to work for persons viewing [...]

create array from existing URL insert array into on page link url if array does not exist insert default values into on page href link instead

I am using PHP shortcode exec in wordpress to execute PHP in posts and pages
I want to take variables from the URL and instert them into the href URL links on the page but if no variables exist in the URL I want to instead insert default values.
E.G. if url has variables like
url on [...]

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