Create multiple PDFs usging Zend PDF at the same time

I want to create Multiple PDFS at the same time.But every the documents always overwrite.
The first one is ok but afterwards the 2nd one and the 3rd one the text is overwriting.

try {<br/>
$pdf = new My_Pdf();<br/>


How to use str.replace with function transfer

Good day.
I use this code to duplicate value from one input to other:
<script type = “text/javascript”>
function transfer(which) {
document.getElementById(“temp_name”).value = which;
<form action=”register.php” method=”post” name=”register”>
<input type=”text” name=”username” id = “username” onkeyup = “transfer(this.value)”><br>
<input type=”text” name=”temp_name” id = “temp_name”>

This duplicate #username to #temp_name
But I need that added text #temp_name without extra hypens and lowercase.
So I need somehow add [...] for external php file

I have the line“GET”,”file.php?id=4″,true);

This does not work since file.php is not in the same folder but rather in a different private folder not visible to the public.
Is there a way to use the open function to open a file in a different folder?

Run a SQL function when Publishing a post in WordPress and populate fields according to Custom field meta

I would like to run an sql query whenever i publish a post. Im just not sure how to wrap it in a function and where to paste that function to take effect that when i click publish.
The following command, which is the one i need, runs successfully in phpMyAdmin- SQL, and it also reflects [...]

PHP script timeout in Log Ananlyzer

I have been trying to get Log Analyzer to work for longer than I care to admit. I can’t seem to get syslog messages to display in the Log Analyzer web-GUI, but this morning I got the following error:
“While reading the logstream, the php script timeout forced me to abort at this point. If [...]

JavaScript replace <br> with \n

I have just stored a paragraph of text in a MySQL database using JavaScript and PHP and replaced \n with <br />, the problem I’m now having is when I try and retrieve the text using PHP it prints it out as; <br />
Dear Sir/Maddam<br />This is a letter concerning the following;<br />I would like [...]

Warning: mail(): Failed to Receive in

I am trying to use the php mail function on my windows server over ii7 and i am having this warming which doesn’t allow me to send mails.
Warning: mail(): Failed to Receive in xxx

That line contains this:
mail(“”, “subject”, ‘body’,”From:”)

At php.ini i have configured SMTP server, port and sendmail_from like this:
; [...]

PDO two similiar queries – only the first inserts

I have a form where the user can insert up to five line items for an invoice. The easiest way for me to do this is to just do five inserts and do a isset check before each query. However, the problem is if I try to run the two queries one after another only [...]

Ical VALARM not registrering

I’ve used the last couple of days creating an application that constructs an .ics file (ical)
It’s coded in php, and the base functions work fine (timezones, Vevent’s, and so on) but when i add VALARM’s into those VEVENT’s neither google calendar, nor Outlook 2010 add’s the nofifications to their calendar’s
a snippet of the ics file:
LOCATION:A102 [...]

DOCX to PDF Conversion – PHP

One of my projects requires the conversion of DOCX to PDF. I came across the phpdocx project and everything converts fine, but it serves the file to the browser, which prompts the user to download after conversion. I need to keep the file, just read the data for MySQL storage. Any ideas?
Here is the [...]

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