subtract from hour not in time format in php

I got time in this format: “192:40″
192=Hours, 40 = minutes.
Lets say I want to substract “02:30″ hours so the answer will be “190:10″..
Is there any way doing it?

mysql query syntax, get data from different tables

I got this bookshop website, and I’m trying to generate some statistics about sales. I’ve got two tables; books and sales_item. They look like this:
id title
1 Cats
2 Dogs
3 Frogs

and sales_item
book_id qty
1 2
2 2
3 [...]

Override Joomla Component Template

I am using this URL to access the raw HTML of a component:

However it also returns the document type, title tags, head tags etc.
Is there a way to return only the content between <body> and </body>?

how to count filled rows with specific row name – my sql

What I want to do is count all my filled rows of specific row name I select, let me give you an example:
Its like I have a table with 6 columns; the very first column is email – and the rest column are slot1, slot2, slot3, slot4, slot5.
Now what I want to have is a [...]

How do I get jQuery/AJAX result into table cell

I have this script here that outputs a result from a sql db query but I can not figure out how to get it to put the result in the table cell specified.
Here is query:
<script type=”text/javascript”>

var movement = $(this).val();
var client_id = $(this).parent().siblings().find(‘.clientval’).val();
var [...]

How to make an android app from a website with php backend

there is login for my website.
3 pages which are used while logging into website are :-
1) login_form.html ( this html page has form in which users can fill data when they click submit it sends to login_validate.php)
2) login_validate.php ( this php page validates the input texts and if he is an authentic user it [...]

How to Remove Array Element and Then Re-Index Array?

I have some troubles with an array. I have one array that I want to modify like below. I want to remove element (elements) of it by index and then re-index array. Is it possible?
$foo = array(

‘whatever’, // [0]
‘foo’, // [1]
‘bar’ // [2]


$foo2 [...]

Undefined index when returning database results in Codeigniter

I am trying to transfer data over from a WordPress database into a Codeigniter project. I have a model method that returns a single value, but I keep getting the following:

Message: Undefined index: meta_value
Filename: models/transfer_model.php

Here’s the model:
public function get_meta($post_id, $key)

WordPress: Best way to sort posts in columns

I’m trying to make an online magazine in WordPress. Where every post is shown in different columns. The first one in column one is the latest posted one, in column two, the second last and column three the third last and so on. How is the best way to do this? I want to prevent [...]

Why is this regex throwing a ‘PREG_BACKTRACK_LIMIT_ERROR’ error?

In the example at, it says that the regular expression /(?:\D+|<\d+>)*[!?]/ matched against foobar foobar foobar throws a PREG_BACKTRACK_LIMIT_ERROR error. Can anybody explain why?

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