How to add on mysql query if message already deleted by the user?

Hi I have my messages table, I would like to know if how I can add messages is_deleted by the user here is my table:
id fromid toid message is_read deleted_to deleted_from date
1 1 2 test1 1 0 [...]

magento custom product

I have created a web application, in which user does some drawing on canvas and then saves it by clicking a button. Now i want to integrate it with magento. I have never used any e-commerce solution.
I want to implement such a functionality that when the user clicks on the submit button, it should [...]

How to normalize tags table

I had table like this:
| article_id | tags |
| 1 | x1,x2,x3|
| 2 | x1,x4,x5 | [...]

function declaration in php, is their any errors on this php function?

Here is the code
function get_employees_by_hierarchy( $_employee_id = 0,$_depth = 0,$_org_array = array() ) {
if ( $this->org_depth < $_depth ) {

Project Scala + PHP

does any one joined php project with Scala ? One of my projects at work is helpdesk written in php, Im still sometimes developing this project, but I would like do some features in Scala.
Wonder if its possible.

Reading sorted array

Why $val is Array(1), but not the numeric value? I expected that $selected as $k => $val should return each line from the array $selected. Thus, $k must be a numeric key (it is) and $val must be corresponding numeric value (but it’s an array instead of simple integer).
So, how do I correctly save sorted [...]

imagepng and imagegif

I need some help about PHP GD. Here is my piece of code.
header(“Content-type: image/gif”);

$image = imagecreatetruecolor(550, 20);
imagealphablending($image, false);

$black = imagecolorallocate($image, 0, 0, 0);

imagealphablending($image, true);


Internet Explorer blocks redirects?

Lately I’ve had a problem of Internet Explorer “blocking” redirects.
It has worked before, but suddenly IE started causing problems.
In my CMS, I can do redirects (header location in PHP), for example when a page doesn’t exists, it can redirect to the front page. Also if the slug URL is incorrect, it will redirect to the [...]

cakephp 2.x cant login using official tutorial

Hello guys im really new to cake… Im doing everything that is in the tutorial, and still othing works, help plz… im using cakephp 2.2, here is the link to tutorial that i use
Very important: I turned off Inflector
I dont care bout ACL(it works ), my AUTH doesnt work… $this->Auth->login() returns false… plz help… [...]

SugarCRM EmailMarketing dont send emails

What I’m doing:
I use SugarCRM.
At first i compleate email setting in /index.php?module=EmailMan&action=config. Test letter send fine. That works OK.
Then I create new emailing list using module “Campaigns”. Then I move to a wizzard to create new email /index.php?action=WizardMarketing&module=Campaigns…. and send emails.
Finally emails are sended. I watch og and see “SUCCESS” (warn only here coz [...]

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