input text value in php variable on samepage

How can I get the value of the input text in a variable, which i can further use in a sqlquery in same php page???
echo ‘<tr><td colspan=”2″ > Enter Keyword:&nbsp;
<input type=”text” id=”keyword” name=”keyword”/><a href=”?slink=show_job”>SEARCH</a></td></tr>’;
How i cud get the value on clicking the search link???

Cs-Cart v3 fixed/static menu

I’m trying to see how this can be done in CS-Cart v3; I want the header or what is in the “top wrapper” (for instance “my account”, “cart contents” and the menu) to remain fixed. Please refer to these website for the design intent.. & .
These are obviously not carts but it’s [...]

php simplexml foreach and while loop

I am using php simplexml and foreach to loop a xml file.
the code just like
$xml = simplexml_load_file(myfile.xml);
foreach($xml->contents as $list){
$name= $list->name;

echo $name, $price, $prob;

If I have 100 items, [...]

Get source code from javascript

How can we get the source code of a webpage from a webpage in php and/or javascript?
For exemple, in this website :, you can either enter the css or type the url. How do they get the source code from the link?

when using jquery to change the div content the form action in the div taking to the main page

I am using jquery to change my div contents in the main.php file without refreshing the page,
but issue here is in the new div which is loaded contains a form, in the form action i want the form to be submitted to the same page(div) , but am redirected to the main.php which i don’t [...]

How does Facebook keep track of viewed Posts?

I am developing an app where users can post. I want to alert users when a new post is submitted that they have not seen. The whole process is basically the way facebook is set up. However, I was wondering how I keep track of posts users have seen already. How does facebook accomplish that?

(PHP) imagecreatefromjpeg() Using URL as source without enabling fopen wrappers

I know it’s possible to use imagecreatefromjpeg(), imagecreatefrompng(), etc, with a URL as the ‘filename’ with fopen(), but I’m unable to enable the wrappers, due to security issues. Is there a way to pass a URL to imagecreate…() without enabling them?
Having an issue using cURL
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL,”http://www…/image31.jpg”); //Actually complete URL to image
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$data [...]

how to delete a CGridView record with POST method instead of GET?

I’m using CGridView to show my database racord in an Yii questionn is how can I delete a record of that with POST method instad of its default behavior GET method.Does any body have a solution for this?

Paypal IPN – How does it work?

I need a brief explanation on how Paypal IPN works. Not anything in details just the basic stuff.
How should I set my HTML variables and how should I get the data to verify the payment from Paypal? This is all I need to know and I can’t find a quick explanation on this one somewhere. [...]

Is there any possible to connect lampp PMA to mysqld…?

Is there any possible to connect lampp PMA to mysqld which is installed separately in my system…? PMA – PHPMYADMIN (XAMPP)

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