Jquery and Ajax not working

I have 3 buttons in my page.
they are new buttons, delete, and edit.
if I click the new button will display a add_new form , and if I click to change the edit_form will appear.
My question is why the new_form does not appear after I click submit in my edit_form or
click delete button to delete data.
My [...]

Running flurry for a java server running on Ubuntu

I have a java server running car pool services on a EC2. I am using Flurry on my android and iOS app’s, but I could not find a way to run Flurry on the java server. All questions on stackoverflow for this particular case, have been answered for android (I wonder why).
Has anyone tried to [...]

Change System Volume in WinRT

I have a volume slider in my WinRT app which I would like to sync with the system volume. Is there a way to do this? iOS allows developers to give this functionality.

What causes extra space and random alignment in my divs using the 960 grid system?

I have an issue where elements in divs seemingly align randomly, not responding to any align tag, and where divs create extra space above or below its element. I’m using the 960 grid system and I have not altered the stock CSS file lest my fingers blow it up.
I’ve put up a test page [...]

How Android BaseAdapter notifyDataSetChanged works?

In the document for the method notifyDataSetChanged of class BaseAdapter noted that “Notifies the attached observers that the underlying data has been changed and any View reflecting the data set should refresh itself. “
Supposed I changed the 3rd element in my string array (array data for the listview), what “any View reflecting the data set [...]

Algorithm to enumerate paths

Say you are standing at point 0 on the real line. At each step, you can either move to the left l places, or to the right r places. You intend to get to the number p. Also, there are some numbers on which you are not allowed to step. You want count in how [...]

Save the output of a command in a string in linux using python

I am using Fedora 17 xfce and I am programming in Python 2.7.3. Fedora uses a package manager called yum. I have a python script that searches for packages like this:
import os
package = raw_input(“Enter package name to search: “)
os.system(“yum list ” + package)

So I want python to check if in the output of this command [...]

Picking photo from Photochooser or holding hardware back button cause active timers ring

This is very strange problem, and all the people I had asked to confirm it said that it takes place.
I have a Threading.Timer instance which fires every 15 minutes. And if I call the PhotoChooser view and then select a photo from it, when going back to the calling page my application calls that timer’s [...]

Django Models for user, like, page like situation

I have a model for users and page. Now I want to implemented something like (facebook) like. A user can like any page. Later I have to retrieve list of all likes by a single user and also list of all users who have liked a particular page.
I tried with making a separate model for [...]

Getting started with Express – Error: Cannot find module ‘./routes’

I am just getting started in the world of Node.JS, and I tried using the command line “express” command to install a basic application (with jade support)
Now, I was playing around with it a bit to see how it works and I am coming across a strange error:
In the /routes directory there is a file [...]

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